Your baby is ugly

Today I got a voice mail from one of my customers who wanted cancel and move to a different company because her site was not that great looking. I looked at her site and had to call her back and be honest. Her baby was ugly….but fixable!

She had worked on her site, to her credit, but maybe she got a bit carried away and it just got out of control. I called her and told her I understood why she was unhappy, but that we could help her!

It is certainly not easy to hear that your baby is ugly, especially when you have worked hard on it, but that is the beauty of the web. We can fix it. We at Passport Online take as much, if not more, pride in a good website than you do! Your sites are a reflection of all the possibilities and promise available through our technology. We don’t want you to have an ugly baby, trust us!  We want your web site to be user friendly and appealing to the eye.  With everything Passport Online has to offer, please call us if it is overwhelming or you need help or ideas.  We are here to help… Don’t have an ugly baby, have a powerful site you (and we) can be proud of!

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