Using your website to brainstorm social media content

We know you’re busy and posting can seem overwhelming sometimes. Keep in mind, a blog post can be as simple as a paragraph or two. 

Here are some examples of using the existing content on your website to brainstorm social media activities.

A Love of Travel

  • Every resort Marcy has planned a destination wedding at could be a source of a great post
  • Every popular place for destination weddings could be a post
  • Today’s “Destination Wedding packing tip of the day”
  • An even more creative idea? How about making an interactive experience?
    • Take the readers/followers through the process of how a couple chooses the destination for their destination wedding
    • Present one question each day and let followers respond and start a discussion before providing the couple’s answer the following day
All World Travel

  • The “Popular Destinations” area in “Student Groups” provides a great opportunity for social media content!
  • Focus on a different destination each week, and post a tidbit of information about that destination.
    • For the “Branson Week” each update or post could be focused on information about one show available?
    • For the “Orlando Week” each update or post could be focused on rides at various theme parks, or tips for maximizing the experience?
  • Post about upcoming festivals
  • Additional sources of great social media content. With these events, they can start posting when customers should start planning their trips, and then a few reminders as the date gets closer
    • Parades
    • Fine arts performances
    • Dance Competitions
First National Travel Agency

  • The agent writing this page has taken 17 different barge trips. Each of these barge trips is a great source for multiple social media opportunities!
  • Every popular place for destination weddings could be a post
  • The agency could create a plan to focus on one aspect of barging each day during the week. For example:
    • Monday: The Cuisine
    • Tuesday: The Countryside, up close and personal
    • Wednesday: Excursions
    • Thursday: Amenities onboard
    • Friday: The cabins
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