The best way to get people to look at your site? Tell your customers to go to it!

You need to sell your site! 

Do you ever watch the news at night? Do you hear them talk about a local event? They don’t tell you everything, but they DO say ‘go to our website,, for full details’.  This is because every time one of their viewers (customers) goes to their website it counts as a “hit” on their site, which can be a factor that search engines use in determining the placement of  search  results. 

So if you have a customer who asks you a question like “How do I renew my passport”, don’t tell them to go to, tell them go to MY website to my travel resource page and there is a link there that will take you to the site that will give you full instructions for applying for or renewing a passport! You get a hit, which can help your ranking factors with search, the customer might even then send the link to your site on to friends if they find it helpful. Plus that customer may see something while they are on your site that might get them thinking about their next vacation!

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