Tandem Enhancement – Fast Sell

Tandem is pleased to announce its latest enhancement, Fast Sell, where you can enter nearly all sailing details and passenger information on a single page and complete a booking in less than two minutes.

Please note:  These updates do not impact the consumer shopping and booking features, but will greatly enhance the agent’s experience and efficiency.

What is Fast Sell?

The Fast Sell feature is a way for agents to find and book a product when they already know specific details about that product.  You must know sailing date, number of nights, cruise line, ship, departure airport, and number of passengers to be able to start a Fast Sell.

There is some flexibility if you get the number of nights incorrect, or don’t get the departure date quite right.

The Fast Sell Process

  1.  Start by clicking the Tandem Fast Sell option in the left hand menu.

Fast Sell via AgentPort

2.   The Fast Sell screen will appear

3.   Begin to enter the cruise details in order.  Note that you cannot select Ship and City at this point, because those depend on the cruise line you choose:

Cruise Details

4.  Once you select a cruise line, the list of ships will be populated.

5.  Continue selecting the ship, departing airport, mode of transport (cruise only or cruise+air), and specify the number of passengers.  All fields in the Cruise Info box are mandatory.  You must select at least one passenger from the three different passenger type drop downs to continue:

Cruise Info Box

6.  Once you have entered values, the system will search for matching sailings.

7.  Matching and similar sailings will be shown in a list:

Matching and Similar Sailings

8.  Click the sailing you want to book to continue to the next step.

9.  Once you have selected the desired sailing, additional options will appear.  Everything from this point on is optional.  If desired, you can select a fare code, category, and a cabin at this point.   You can also pre-fill in all of the passenger information.  The more information you enter, the fewer screens you will have to see during the booking process.

10.  At this point, you will continue working through the Tandem booking flow.

11.  Fill out payment information as normal, then confirm the booking, and you’re done.

These enhancements are now live and can be seen in the Tandem agent portal. Training documents are being updated and will be available in AgentPort for review this week. Please let us know if you have any questions or need additional training at tandem@passportonlineinc.com, or call the Tandem Help Desk at 503-626-7766.

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