Do you provide enough detail?

I see a lot of great content on agency’s web sites, however there is always room to increase the amount of content. Let’s look at a few examples.

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Pages I wish someone would create

I look at a lot of travel websites. “A lot” might even be an understatement. I findΒ a whole bunchΒ of great pages that agents have created. However, there are a few times I’ve had ideas for great pages of content, and haven’t seen that anyone has created them!

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Tell the story of…YOU!

Don’t make your “About Me” page generic. Tell your story! Anyone reading this page should feel like they are getting to know you. Β There are three main types of people who will be reading this page: Brand new customers, existing customers and potential partners. Think about what type of information they would like to know, […]

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Why you over another company?

Customers want to know why they should choose your company over another. Make sure you demonstrate your expertise and what makes your company unique.

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Questions your site must answer – a NexCite walk thru

We ran across this great article called The 25 Questions Your Site Must Answer, while a few of them don’t apply for the travel industry, a majority of them are very important. I’ve selected a few, and given suggestions as to how you can make your NexCite site answer these questions.

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