Are you a real company?

How do you demonstrate that you are a “real company”? Use your About Us page – this is a great place to tell your story and give your customers confidence in you! More and more, customers want Β to do business with companies that they “connect” with. Help them connect with you, and feel like they […]

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Missed our “Website Self Evaluation” webinar?

You can still view a recording of our recent webinar. I wanted to share some of the highlights on how your website can demonstrate that your company is trustworthy and relevant by answering the following questions. Over the next few days, we’ll be adding additional articles that explore each topic in more detail.

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Your baby is ugly

Today I got a voice mail from one of my customers who wanted cancel and move to a different company because her site was not that great looking. I looked at her site and had to call her back and be honest. Her baby was ugly….but fixable!

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Questions your site must answer – a NexCite walk thru

We ran across this great article called The 25 Questions Your Site Must Answer, while a few of them don’t apply for the travel industry, a majority of them are very important. I’ve selected a few, and given suggestions as to how you can make your NexCite site answer these questions.

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Adding Photos or Linking files in your NexCite

Are you having problems adding photos or linking your files in your NexCite Website? We have the answer! Have you ever heard the phrase, “what’s in a name?” ? In this case, what’s in a name is probably the culprit, and you will need to rethink how you name your files. If you have saved […]

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The Website Content Conundrum

It seems the travel agency community is facing a bit of a β€œcontent conundrum” when it comes to what to do with your website. Β We, at Passport Online have had lots of discussions with agents regarding what is next for websites and beyond. With the evolution of the Web through social media, mobile devices, and […]

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New NexCite Cruise Search Content Module

We have created a new Content Module called a “Cruise Search” that is a powerful search box tailored specifically to searching for cruises. This content module also allows a greater degree of customization than other content modules have allowed in the past.Β  WhileΒ you can simply enable the box using the default sizes and colors,Β you can […]

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If I can, you can – Tweet-Look-Book!

When I first heard the term social media I thought was a kinder, gentler term for paparazzi. As Passport Online started to test the actual social media tools; Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and others, I went ahead and signed-up.Β  Now that they have Agent Socialink (and only because they make it easy for me) I […]

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New Welcome Copy

If you are still using the generic “Welcome” copy that we provided for your NexCite, shame on you!Β  We’ll spare you the lecture on why you need to update that text, but please take that time to personalize your welcome message on your homepage.Β  Here are a few ideas: Β Traveling is good for the soul […]

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Trafalgar Supplier Highlight Page

Take a look at the updated Trafalgar Supplier Highlight page!Β  With Spring in mind, Trafalgar has selected a list of 10 Top Tours for Spring Scenery, highlighting Rome and many other European destinations. Β  Β  If you already subscribe to our Supplier Highlight Pages, this content has been updated for you automatically.Β  If not…

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