The best way to get people to look at your site? Tell your customers to go to it!

You need to sell your site!Β  Do you ever watch the news at night? Do you hear them talk about a local event? They don’t tell you everything, but they DO sayΒ ‘go to our website,, for full details’. Β This is because every time one of their viewers (customers) goes to their website it counts […]

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Creating several great blog posts, from one idea

I hear from agents time and again that they aren’t sure what to write in their blog posts.Β  I recently recommended an article from HubSpot on how to turn one idea into multiple blog posts, but I thought we should look at an example from the travel industry perspective.

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Tip of the week – Have you thought about using your Auto-responder to sell travel?

This great tip isΒ courtesyΒ of one of my agents. She was out of the office on a trip to Israel and set up her auto-responder to mention where she was, what she was seeing and even added a link to her website.

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Are you a real company?

How do you demonstrate that you are a “real company”? Use your About Us page – this is a great place to tell your story and give your customers confidence in you! More and more, customers want Β to do business with companies that they “connect” with. Help them connect with you, and feel like they […]

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Passport Online Takes Agent SociaLink Live

Beaverton, Oregon – Passport Online Inc., the Internet marketing solutions company for leisure travel agents and suppliers, today makes Agent SociaLink live. This new content service is designed to help agents populate their travel agent social media sites using a clickable database of content.

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10 ways to get more Facebook Fans

1.Β  Suggest to friends – do this every month!Β  As you create new connections with your personal profile, you should also be suggesting they “like” your page. 2.Β  Add a “like box” to your website. 3.Β  Include the Facebook logo and your page’s link in your email signature. 4.Β  Send out an email to your […]

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