DNS Services Invoice

I have received several phone calls from customers asking about an Invoice that they received in the mail. The invoice for $65 is from a company called DNS Services, out of Vancouver Washington. Please do not pay that invoice. Passport Online does not work with DNS Services.

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Attention Agents: Spam Alert

ATTENTION AGENTS: I’ve been receiving these messages and wanted to give our agents a heads up and let them know that messages like these are spam, are trying to phish, or trying to give you a virus.

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Fake Email being sent out from passportsystem@passportonlineinc.com – Please DELETE

Recently we have had a few agents notify us that they received e-mails claiming that their e-mail settings have changed.  Thankfully, they contacted our support team which spotted it as a scam right away.  Below are details of this specific scam e-mail, but this also brings up a good opportunity to revisit how to spot […]

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Watch Out For Phishing Scams

What is “Phishing”? Phishing is the term used to describe the fraudulent process of attempting to acquire private information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card information via e-mail or the internet. In most cases it is from a convincingly written e-mail with a web link to a fake web site asking you to log […]

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