5 thoughts for increasing engagement and fans: Social media roundup

There have been a lot of great articles about social media lately, so I thought I would share my thoughts on them, as well as some ideas on how you can increase engagement and your fans. Before you get started, its important to ask yourself Β “What are YOU considering a success with social media?” The […]

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Showing your personality in social media, with 4 Examples

Have you wanted to know how to get your social media followers engaged? Showing your personality in your social media efforts is a great way to get your clients to be more engaged and excited about your brand. Β There are many different aspects of your agency’s personality that you can show with social media, and […]

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Social Media is not about selling

One of the things I tell agents again and again is that you don’t want to be focusing your social media efforts around selling, but rather around engaging with your customers.Β 

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6 great Facebook posts from the travel industry

I just wanted to share a few examples of good Facebook posts within the Travel Industry. Looking at examples of what other people are posting can give you inspiration for your own posts. Do you have an example of a great post you made on Facebook?

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Are you missing out on an important interaction opportunity?

If someone comments on one of your Facebook posts, what do you do? If you said “Respond to keep the conversation going”, that’s great!Β  If that wasn’t your answer you might be wondering why you would want to respond.

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Ways to grow your Facebook following

I recently read a great article called “10 Ways to Grow your Facebook Following” and wanted to comment on how some of these ways could be applied to the travel industry.

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10 ways to get more Facebook Fans

1.Β  Suggest to friends – do this every month!Β  As you create new connections with your personal profile, you should also be suggesting they “like” your page. 2.Β  Add a “like box” to your website. 3.Β  Include the Facebook logo and your page’s link in your email signature. 4.Β  Send out an email to your […]

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13 Things To Keep Your Facebook Fans Engaged

We caught this article from Social Media Examiner about Facebook and 13 ways to move your fans to action. 13 may seem like quite a few things to consider but you may already be doing them now. Or, you may be close to doing them but just need a small adjustment here and there.Β  Here […]

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