Creating several great blog posts, from one idea

I hear from agents time and again that they aren’t sure what to write in their blog posts.Β  I recently recommended an article from HubSpot on how to turn one idea into multiple blog posts, but I thought we should look at an example from the travel industry perspective.

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Tip of the week – Update your pages with custom offers

We at Passport Online pride ourselves with our agencies websites not having expired content, HOWEVER some of our agents have created their own pages listing specials and are not updating those pages when the offers expire. Here is an example of Valentine’s cruise page, Β notice that you need to call the agency before February 16. […]

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Tip of the week – This weeks assignment is to update your home page

We know our agents are really busy this time of year, but this week you all have an assignment. Your home page…It’s your only chance to create a good first impression.Β  People are coming to your site to shop for travel so make it easy for them! Your home page should be an introduction to […]

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Tip of the week – Selling your preferred Suppliers

As you know Passport Online is the only company out there that helps you sell and highlights your consortiumΒ and favorite suppliers. This reminds me of a call from an agency that was referred to us by one of the suppliers that Passport Online works with, United Vacations. This loyalΒ agency really loved to work with United […]

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4 social media tips for 2013

2012 was a great year for social media, we saw so many changes! Here are some of the tips you can’t afford to miss out on.

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Become an Expert in your niche

No one can be an expert in everything, and the good news is, you don’t need to! There are so many fun and interesting aspects to travel, that it is hard to not be passionate about all of them. However, choose one first and focus on becoming an expert in that.

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Moving beyond a “simple” search box

A search box is one of the most important features you can add to your site. Β Some customers will be coming to your site to browse around, but others know exactly what they’re looking for. A mixture of general search boxes and custom search boxes on various pages of your site will help guide them […]

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Great content for SEO

One thing everyone is talking about lately is the importance of content with respect to SEO. Why you ask? Because search engines try to provide the best, most relevant search results to their users.

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Creative social media thought for next year

I read an interesting article from Social Media Examiner, called “9 fun Facebook Page examples to Spark your Creativity“. I really liked the “Mini Indulgence” quiz by Seasons 52.

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The Website Content Conundrum

It seems the travel agency community is facing a bit of a β€œcontent conundrum” when it comes to what to do with your website. Β We, at Passport Online have had lots of discussions with agents regarding what is next for websites and beyond. With the evolution of the Web through social media, mobile devices, and […]

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