Some questions with Denise Vogel

discussionI got a chance to ask Denise Vogel owner of Click of the Mouse a few questions. Denise writes a great blog,  is very active on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

SB: What do you think is the most important social media change for 2013?

DV: If I could look into my crystal ball, I would say that companies are going to really try to strike a balance with using not only social media but other marketing tools including newsletters, and emails.  The goal being toward linking back to the website and to gather email addresses.  Facebook will still be important but Twitter is, and will continue to, rock the boat!   You can see it now with the chats that are occurring.  Short bursts of information and image are really going to rule, with a link to continue reading more.  Google+ with its new communities will start to have a larger audience.

SB: Do you feel that Pinterest will become a bigger focus in the travel industry in 2013?

DV: Yes and also the possibility other image sharing applications. Most of us including our clients are captivated by images.  As they say a picture is worth a 1000 words, if a travel professional can share an image that will capture the emotion of a destination or of an experience, the image will have a much higher opportunity of being shared.  Potential clients will want to know more about the great destination image. I would also recommend having a watermark on the image so that the original source travels with the picture.

SB: Have you noticed any common traits with the agency’s that are having the most success with social media?

DV: Yes.

  1. Agencies that are using social media in a consistent manner.
  2. Agencies that are really trying to share and have a conversation rather than sell.
  3. Continually creating links back to website or blog.
  4. Agencies that are not dependent on one social platform and not posting the same update across several platforms.

My philosophy is “Be consistent, creative and connect through real conversation will convert to clients“.

SB: Is there anyone that you follow (either their blog or facebook) whose posts you can’t wait to see every day?

DV:  I love to see what Social Media Examiner, Hubspot   and Mashable  have to say.  They have creative ways for all business people to connect with their clients through social media.

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