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In a recent post, I mentioned that Passport Online has been working with travel agents over the last several months on ways they can incorporate social media into their business. We’re starting to see some tangible results. And the really interesting thing is that folks are experimenting with different approaches as they identify what works best.

A couple of examples: I recently talked to two agents from two different agencies on opposite sides of the country. Both have set up Facebook Fan Pages for their agency. One agent felt that it would be more appropriate to keep the ratio of deal-oriented posts to information-oriented posts low – something like one deal for every seven or eight informative posts. The thought process is to avoid a heavy sales pitch, but rather begin to position yourself as a trusted travel expert, and a great travel resource for folks.

I noticed that the other agent’s posts were all deals. She told me that since her Fan Page was clearly a Facebook page for her business, her agency fans all expected and wanted to see deals. This agent focuses exclusively on a single destination, and in my conversations with her, I found that she has a tremendous amount of insider knowledge about her destination. So I suggested that she share that knowledge with her fans. It was an epiphany for her – it hadn’t occurred to her to connect her tremendous insider knowledge with her social media tools. I’m now starting to see some very interesting and informative posts mixed in with her deals posts.

And equally interesting, I’m now noticing that the first agent is starting to mix more deals in with his other posts. It seems there’s a convergence of blend of deals and informative posts going on with both of these agencies.

So what’s the right answer? Who knows? We’ll keep up with these agents and other agents using social media and share what we learn going forward.

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