Social Media is not about selling

One of the things I tell agents again and again is that you don’t want to be focusing your social media efforts around selling, but rather around engaging with your customers. 

When you are providing interesting, relevant information to them, and helping to solve one of their “needs” the sales will happen naturally.

If you are focused on the sales perspective, your customers are more likely to feel like this is an “interruption” or “spam” and ignore you.

I was on a suppliers Facebook page and saw that a consumer had posted a question, the supplier hadn’t answered the question yet, but I did see that a couple of agents stepped up and commented answering the consumers question.  Did the agents get a sale right there? No, but they did increase their brand, and since other consumers also saw their answers I’m sure that the agents picked up a few new “likes” from consumers who otherwise wouldn’t have known about them.

I read a great article at Business2Community called “Social Media is for Branding, not for selling“, its definitely worth the read.

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