Showing your personality in social media, with 4 Examples

Have you wanted to know how to get your social media followers engaged?

Showing your personality in your social media efforts is a great way to get your clients to be more engaged and excited about your brand. Β There are many different aspects of your agency’s personality that you can show with social media, and each agency brings an unique personality.

“The average engagement rate for a brand on Facebook is just 2%. You can do better than that, and you will if you make an effort to act like a human every time you respond to comments on your company Facebook page.”

β€” Jasmine Henry, SocialMediaToday

Here are a few of the different aspects of your agency’s personality that you can show through social media.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of agency’s that are showing their personality in social media. And just for fun, you can always look to see “What type of social media personality are you?”.


Starward Vacations



I like that Starward Vacations is giving back by donating to a charity. Not only did they let clients know what amount they donated for 2012, they continue the same program for 2013. This shows current, and potential, clients that Starward Vacations is passionate about a cause, and willing to invest in supporting that cause.


Cruise & Travel Masters



I LOVE this post by Cruise & Travel Masters. Not only is it showing their personality, however by asking your fans to tag their friends you are encouraging them to get the word out about your agency. Potential fans who are introduced to your agency in this way are more likely to also become fans because of their friends recommendation.


Alpha Voyages



This post by Alpha Voyages is great because it shows fans something interesting, and lets them possibly learn something (increasing your vocabulary is always great, and words like this could always come in handy for Scrabble). Providing educational information is a great way to show your personality as it shows your expertise and that you are willing to increase your customers knowledge.


Wings Trips



This post is just focused on starting a conversation and showing the fun personality of Wings Trips. The beautiful photo catches the interest of their fans, encourages them to read the message and start an interaction.

What do you think? Are there any ways that you show the personality of your agency through social media?

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