Newsletter registration or guest registry?

Every NexCite has the capability of adding a “registration box” as a module. This collects information from your customer and adds that information into your customer data base. You can collect just an email address; an email address including first and last names; or email address first and last names as well as a physical address.

We recommend every agency add a registration box to their site, you may title it anything you like, Email Registry, Newsletter Registry, etc. However we have been getting good feedback from agencies who are titling their module “Sign Our Guestbook”. They then encourage their customers to go “shop” on their site and ask them to “sign the guestbook” so the agency knows they were there. Signing a guestbook may not be as threatening to some customers as they may feel like they will get inundated by an excessive amount of unwanted emails if they up for a newsletter.

Also, if you are simply asking them to sign your guestbook, you don’t need to feel like you must send out newsletters to your customers on a regular basis (even though we recommend that you do keep in contact with them).

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