Tip of the Week – Sell Yourself with Testimonials

Are you posting testimonials on your web site? Testimonials are the best way to sell yourself by showing that you are good at what you do. And let’s face it, YOU can tell customers how good you are at what you do, but it means so much more to have another customer tell them!

Passport Online customers really do appreciate all that we do for them and today we received this testimonial from Mary Lou Zarlengo FunFinder Travel, LLC she said:

“I am so thankful for your team that keeps me looking good!!  I really do work hard and it is. It is such a blessing to have the wonderful support from all of you keeping my website looking so professional. I am so very proud of it!!”

We also received this from Steve Rice from The Cruise Butler who said:

“You guys rock. You are more helpful than Online Agency. A quicker response time. And you already have the Nexion and Vacation.com promotions and Vignette cruises on the website.”

Why should you start adding testimonials to your website?

Entrepreneur wrote a great article called “How to effectively Use Testimonials.

So start asking for those Testimonials from your customers. Be proud of what you do  and start selling yourself.

Not sure how to add testimonials to your NexCite web site? You can always send them to the Passport Online support team…we have a wonderful support team and we ROCK!

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