Moving beyond a “simple” search box

A search box is one of the most important features you can add to your site.  Some customers will be coming to your site to browse around, but others know exactly what they’re looking for. A mixture of general search boxes and custom search boxes on various pages of your site will help guide them to exactly the content that they are looking for.

Below are two different search boxes. The standard search box, on the left, is the basic implementation.

The custom search box, on the right, is a Celebrity Cruises only search box. No matter what criteria are entered, the results are still restricted to offers matching those criteria from Celebrity Cruises.

Basic VacationPort search box
Westside International - Exclusive Celebrity Cruises search box


This custom search box is designed to return ONLY All-Inclusive packages. Notice that the destination list is customized to ONLY those destinations that have resorts with All-Inclusive options.

Westside International - All-Inclusive search box

And here is another example. Westside International Travel created a page based around Theme Cruises, and added a custom search box to the page to help guide clients towards relevant theme cruises.

Theme Cruises

Westside International - Theme Cruises search box

Search boxes styled to blend seamlessly into their site:

Mission Travel - Custom search box

My Vacation Experts - Custom search box

These are just some ideas to get you started. The options for custom search boxes are endless. Have you created any custom search boxes on your site?

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