Making a Social Media Plan – a one-week snapshot

Creating a Social Media “plan” can be a great way to keep yourself and your business on track. Remember though, even with a plan, there will still be interesting items that you’ll see during the week and want to share – Go for it! The “plan” is just there to provide a basis.

The example snapshot outlined below is just a point to start the ideas flowing. Your agency might specialize in just one type of travel, or destination, in which case you’d want to adjust the topics/content.

Subject/Content Type Source


Going beyond Pad Thai: Amazing Thai Dishes Tweet/Facebook Agent SociaLink – Regional Cuisine theme
Savika (Rodeo) in Madagascar’s Central Highlands Tweet/Facebook Agent SociaLink – Cowboy’s and Rodeo’s theme
Top 10 Roller Coasters Blog Post Agent SociaLink – Custom Blogs


Underwater Museum makes a splash in Cancun Tweet/Facebook Agent SociaLink – Scuba Diving theme
Guide to Wine Tasting on Mount Eta in Sicily Tweet/Facebook Agent SociaLink – Wine theme
Active article Tweet/Facebook Agent SociaLink – Ice Skating, Scuba Diving, Skiing or Surfing theme


10 Packing tips for a worry free vacation Blog Post Write this yourself! If you need inspiration, consider asking it as a question to your Facebook fans.
Buenos Aires with Children Tweet/Facebook Agent SociaLink – Traveling with Children theme
Off-beat attractions in Peru’s Northern Highlands Tweet/Facebook Agent SociaLink – Off-beat Attractions theme
Museum or Theme park article Tweet/Facebook Agent SociaLink – Museums, or Theme Parks  theme


Wine or Cuisine article Tweet/Facebook Agent SociaLink – Wine, Regional Cuisine, Cooking , Desserts or Restaurant Review them
The best museum in the Caribbean Tweet/Facebook Agent SociaLink – Museum theme


My favorite destination is… Blog Post Write this yourself! If you need inspiration, consider asking it as a question to your Facebook fans.
Budget Travel article Tweet/Facebook Agent SociaLink – Budget Travel theme
Travelling by bike for beginners Tweet/Facebook Agent SociaLink – Biking theme

Put your own plan together for the next week – We’d love to see what you put together!

Here are some of my favorite themes within Agent SociaLink for finding unique and interesting articles (If you have a theme within Agent SociaLink that is a great source of inspiration, leave it as a comment).

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