Good News! Passport Online now has an Instagram account.

Instagram is a free photo-sharing program will allow you to take pictures and share with your Instagram users as well as post to Facebook and twitter. There is also a Costco app that works with Instagram, you can send any of your Instagram pictures to Costco for development.

As you know some of us at Passport Online love the Instagram app and we are very excited about our new account so, please follow us at “passportonline”. We would love to share some fun pictures of our departments, pictures of our customers,  interesting pictures of our neighborhood,  like the geese that hold up traffic all the time and don’t forget about the Oregon rain… I mean Oregon sunshine.

Happy Posting!

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One response to “Instagram”

  1. This new capability is a great extra that will improve the the social media content on our travel website. Passport Online keep up the great work.

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