The History of Passport Online

20 Years of Innovative Technology
For Travel Agents & Leisure Travel Suppliers

It started with a simple idea: get leisure travel information from suppliers into the hands (and minds) of the consumer as consistently and easily as possible. In the early days of leisure travel promotion, it was all about the brochure. Boxes of pamphlets, booklets and other marketing materials would stack up and not always get to the consumer. And then there were the faxes... dozens of them came into a travel agency each day with the latest supplier promotions. The founders of Passport Online knew that there was a better way to get supplier information to the consumer.

And it was all based on harnessing the technology available.

At the beginning of Passport Online's journey, much of the work was done manually. Promotions were aggregated then distributed by CD-ROM, bulletin boards and other technology solutions that could help present a supplier in the best light.

Then, this "Internet thing" took flight.

From there, Passport Online committed itself to serving the leisure travel consumer by constantly delivering supplier content, on behalf of travel agents, using a very powerful tool: the Internet.

Over the past 20 years, Passport Online has grown and evolved into the leader in technology solutions for the leisure travel industry. We power more than 6,000 agency websites, 1,000 agency Facebook Pages, and aggregate and distribute content from 100 of the industry’s leading leisure suppliers.

Passport Online continues to lead the industry and works hard to provide suppliers, travel agents and consumers the best products possible. Even though technology continues to grow and change, that first simple idea hasn't.

And that's part of the future of Passport Online.