From the Support Desk: How to Choose Captivating Images for Your Website

A picture says a lot… they say pictures can say a thousand words, and great images can help make the difference between an average-looking site, and a really engaging one.

Images are typically used to set the tone for a site. They do that in much less time than it takes to read a description. If you do not have photographs to use on your website, you should take some when you travel. You can also ask your clients to send you some along with a caption describing the photo/location or a short testimonial about events surrounding the photo. If you don’t have any good photographs to use, and your clients wish to keep their photo memories private, there are also companies who sell stock images; these are images you pay to use. Here is a list of stock photography websites (be sure to read the terms of use and make sure that you follow them!):

Vitally Important Note: Remember that all images are subject to copyright, and you can get in major legal trouble for something as simple as taking photos from another website.

If you have a page that shows several images, keeping them a consistent size will help them look better as a group. Here are a few things to think about when choosing images for your site. Images should:

And here are a few tips on how to have good “image etiquette”:

  1. Save your original photos untouched, somewhere else, as a backup and so you can reuse them later
  2. NEVER size photographs up, or stretch them out of proportion. People can tell that you’ve stretched them, and if it’s out of proportion or pixilated it looks unprofessional and amateur.
  3. Always ask – if it’s not your photograph, you should get permission, or purchase the use of the photograph. As noted above, this will save possible future lawsuits and keep everyone happy.
  4. Never upload a file that is very large and then try to resize it down on the website. If at all possible, you should try to size the file down before upload. This will save on loading time of your website.

Photos are timeless… they can lock in a moment forever. In thinking about how images relate, remember that good image choices can make a huge difference in how your agency is perceived. When choosing images, consider their impact, and make sure it will have the effect you want.

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