Easily add an interactive map to your website

Did you know that you can add a map to your Customer Service page? If you are a brick and mortar agency this can really help your clients find you. Google Maps  is interactive so you can zoom in or out, print directions or  choose a route.



Want to get started? Just go to https://maps.google.com/ and enter your address. Once your map is displayed, click on the little chain icon in the left column. This will show a code snippet to embed in your website.  Simply copy the entire code  on to your page (use <ctrl A> to select it all, then <ctrl C> to copy it, then when you get to the page you want to add it to, go into the “View HTML source” view and <Ctrl V> to paste the code). Need help? Just paste the code into an email and send it to our support department and we will gladly do it for you!

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