Dramatic spike in cruise bookings during 2013 wave season

I wanted to share some pretty exciting news about our customer success with the Tandem Cruise Booking engine! We know adopting new tools takes time, and we have been patient. We have also been working closely with our users to enhance this product and provide the best shopping and booking experience for our agent users.

Today we are so happy to report some huge uptake during this year’s wave season! We have actually seen  more than 200 percent growth in year-over-year January & February agency bookings using Tandem. And it is not just one group of agents –  it’s across the board. We have also seen a doubling of individual agency users as the product begins to achieve critical mass and agents gain a comfort level with the booking technology and its ease of use.  And for those who want to provide a B2C option, Tandem provides a consumer facing shopping and booking engine for agent websites.

The complexity of a cruise booking and the need for a friendly interface, an easy multi-step process and a content rich multi-cruise line booking platform drove us to create Tandem. We have worked closely with our users to enhance the product, the functionality and we will continue to respond to the needs of our users.

Tandem is competitively priced. For more information or to add Tandem to your site, please contact: tandem@passportonlineinc.com or call 503-626-7766 option # 1.

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