Don’t Forget Content for Your Website

There are several ways to enhance your website with tools available to you today. And the simplest one I suggest, use content provided by our suppliers to get pricing and product detail in front of your shopping customer.

For example, Pleasant Holidays offers some great discounts on destinations such as Tahiti, Hawaii, Mexico with added bonuses that consumers are always looking for in a package. Here’s a sample offer to give you an idea – Cancun Palace. You can also customize the offer by using our promotion publisher tools to add your own logo for example has been utilizing this tool and their site is filled with offers featuring custom pricing.

Select your preferred suppliers and start displaying offers on each page, especially on your home page. Studies show you have less than 20 seconds to get that customer’s attention, and a good deal will certainly help. If you don’t have pricing, consumers are most likely to move to on another site.

Please – at least start with your homepage and call if you need assistance.

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