Creating several great blog posts, from one idea

I hear from agents time and again that they aren’t sure what to write in their blog posts.  I recently recommended an article from HubSpot on how to turn one idea into multiple blog posts, but I thought we should look at an example from the travel industry perspective.

Let’s say you are a honeymoon specialist and have an idea to write an article about planning for your destination wedding. You could turn this into a bullet list, for example “11 tips for planning your destination wedding”. That might be good enough, but are all destination weddings the same? Perhaps you could have a series of articles like this:

You get the idea. By splitting one idea out into several topics, you are able to create more pieces of content, with each written for a specific type of audience.  This is the type of specialty content that search engines love. As an added bonus, you can reuse tips from these articles to post them on Facebook, and link to the complete article.

Have you turned one idea into a series of blog posts? We’d love to see what you’ve done, so link to your posts in the comments.

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