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Leah Loe, Customer Support & Technology Counselor

The best way to get people to look at your site? Tell your customers to go to it!

You need to sell your site!  Do you ever watch the news at night? Do you hear them talk about a local event? They don’t tell you everything, but they DO say ‘go to our website,, for full details’.  This is because every time one of their viewers (customers) goes to their website it counts […]

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Newsletter registration or guest registry?

Every NexCite has the capability of adding a “registration box” as a module. This collects information from your customer and adds that information into your customer data base. You can collect just an email address; an email address including first and last names; or email address first and last names as well as a physical […]

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Easily add an interactive map to your website

Did you know that you can add a map to your Customer Service page? If you are a brick and mortar agency this can really help your clients find you. Google Maps  is interactive so you can zoom in or out, print directions or  choose a route.

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Introducing…Leah Loe

I am very excited about joining the Passport Online team.  As the newest Customer Support Counselor,  I am learning something new every day and I am really getting to meet our customers and I am enjoying the challenge!  After over 20 years as a travel consultant in one form or another, it is nice to […]

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