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Greg Kott, President/CEO

Greg Kott has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Passport Online since 2000. Greg has worked in software technology for 24 years. Prior to Passport Online, he served as the Vice President Sales for Preview Systems, a company that developed and marketed Internet technology focused on digital rights management and digital delivery of software and music. Prior to Preview Systems, Greg was Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Summit Design, which completed an initial public offering in 1996. Greg has also held sales and sales management positions at Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, and Hewlett-Packard. He earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington.

Dramatic spike in cruise bookings during 2013 wave season

I wanted to share some pretty exciting news about our customer success with the Tandem Cruise Booking engine! We know adopting new tools takes time, and we have been patient. We have also been working closely with our users to enhance this product and provide the best shopping and booking experience for our agent users.

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The Website Content Conundrum

It seems the travel agency community is facing a bit of a β€œcontent conundrum” when it comes to what to do with your website. Β We, at Passport Online have had lots of discussions with agents regarding what is next for websites and beyond. With the evolution of the Web through social media, mobile devices, and […]

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Working In Tandem

Always listen. It isn’t just a good way of doing business. It’s the only way to deliver the products that continue to help travel professionals succeed at every turn. You ask. We listen. Then, we work hard to create products that you ask for. The fruits of these labors are exciting because we know that, […]

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Some Comments On Travel Professionals

We’re always curious to see what people (mainly consumers) were saying about travel professionals in the social and media world.

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Romancing The Deal Starts With A Story

One of the (many) great things about being a travel professional is that you are privy to all kinds of deals. Some may be hot, some may be exclusive β€” all of them certainly are worth screaming to the masses. I mean, who wouldn’t want to take some of the these trips? Who wouldn’t want […]

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Helping Our Clients With Social Media

We were very pleased to have helped our first client with our new Social Media program. Shama Travel was looking to improve their presence in the social media world and Passport Online was there to help. For a nominal fee, Passport Online helped this agent set up the core of their social media program. We […]

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The Luxury Travel Expo: Redux

One of the things that crossed my desk (OK, my computer) as I got settled back in from the holiday was a bit of a recent flashback: The Luxury Travel Expo in Las Vegas.

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2010: The Year Of The Travel Professional

We are all very excited about 2010. Yes, there have been myriad challenges in the industry. There have also been more changes than most of us can remember. Consumers are more confused than ever, and it appears that for more complex travel, the bloom is off the OTA rose. But as the professionals in this […]

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Social Media Success Stories

In a recent post, I mentioned that Passport Online has been working with travel agents over the last several months on ways they can incorporate social media into their business. We’re starting to see some tangible results. And the really interesting thing is that folks are experimenting with different approaches as they identify what works […]

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Luxury Travel Expo in Las Vegas: The Good News and Better News About Social Media in Travel

I participated on a great panel at LTE discussing how agents can use technology to help grow their business. Not surprisingly, a lot of the emphasis was on agents using social media tools. The good news is that there appears to be a growing consensus that social media is a perfect fit for travel agents, […]

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