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Good News! Passport Online now has an Instagram account. Instagram is a free photo-sharing program will allow you to take pictures and share with your Instagram users as well as post to Facebook and twitter. There is also a Costco app that works with Instagram, you can send any of your Instagram pictures to Costco […]

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Tip of the Week – Business Pinterest

Good news about Pinterest! You can now set up or convert your Pinterest account to a business account. You all know how much I love Pinterest, which is why I’m so excited finding out that Pinterest will now allow you to set up a business about.Β 

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Tip of the Week – Adding Pictures to your Website

This week we are going to talk about adding pictures to your Web site. What is really irritating to me is seeing a picture out of proportion.

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Tip of the Week – Fonts, font sizes and font colors

You know that we only want the best for our customers and your Web sites. Which is why we are doing a “Tip of the Week”. Each “Tip of the Week” will be short and sweet, just 3 bullet points. This week’s tip is all about fonts.

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DNS Services Invoice

I have receivedΒ several phone calls from customers asking about an Invoice that theyΒ received in the mail. The invoice for $65 isΒ from a company called DNS Services, out of Vancouver Washington. Please do not pay that invoice. Passport Online does not work with DNS Services.

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How can you use Pinterest to promote your favorite suppliers?

I love, love, love Pinterest and I’m so happy that I have the opportunity to work on Passport Online Pinterest β€˜s account.Β 

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Your baby is ugly

Today I got a voice mail from one of my customers who wanted cancel and move to a different company because her site was not that great looking. I looked at her site and had to call her back and be honest. Her baby was ugly….but fixable!

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Instagram – a Travel Agent “Must Have” app

One of my favorite apps is Instagram. As a Travel Agent it is a must have App. What is Instagram?

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Attention Agents: Spam Alert

ATTENTION AGENTS: I’ve been receiving these messages and wanted to give our agents a heads up and let them know that messages like these are spam, are trying to phish, or trying to give you a virus.

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How does your website look?

I just came back from a conference a few days ago and one of the main themes was that your Web site may be ugly. You may not think it is, but let’s face it sometimes having too much on a site is too much. Your Web site may hard to navigate and may not […]

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