Agent SociaLink in Action! – Build A Blog

Agent SociaLink went live this week and, after our first training session, we’ve already seen multiple agents putting the tools to use.  John Kagey, from Red Bird Vacations, is our first agent to utilize Build A Blog.  Take a look at the steps below to see how he is using Agent SociaLink to drive customers back to his website:

1.  John logs into Agent SociaLink and clicks on “Get Started Now” under Build A Blog.

Build A Blog - Get Started

2.  John follows the prompts and fills in the blanks to customize his blog post.

Build a Blog Post

3.   After filling in all the blanks, John hits the “Submit” button to get the fully crafted blog post.  He copies and pastes it over to his WordPress blog.

Build a Blog - Red Bird Vacation

4.  Since John has integrated his blog posts to update his Facebook fan page, the post automatically appears on his agency’s wall and an update is sent out to all his Facebook followers.

Build a Blog on Facebook

5.  John is a NexCite customer, so we’ve automatically embedded links within his blog post.  Whether a customer sees his article from his blog or facebook, these links will drive the customer back to the Red Bird Vacations website, where they can contact John to book their next cruise.

Build a Blog Offers on Red Bird Vacations

We’re still looking forward to hearing all your feedback on Agent SociaLink and can’t wait to hear the stories about all our agents booking travel through their social media marketing!

Contact us for more details on Agent SociaLink and stay tuned for more examples!

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