Adding Photos or Linking files in your NexCite

Are you having problems adding photos or linking your files in your NexCite Website? We have the answer!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “what’s in a name?” ? In this case, what’s in a name is probably the culprit, and you will need to rethink how you name your files. If you have saved your files with spaces, parenthesis, brackets, apostrophes, or any other odd characters, most likely you will have problems – if not now, then in the future. Best practices are to keep your filenames short and concise, and, if you need visual clarity, use capital letters, and underscores or dashes for spacing. For example:

Tracy from Tracy’s Travel wants to add her logo to her website. Wonderful! However, the filename for the final approved version of her logo reads like this:

“Tracy’s Travel (2).jpg”

She didn’t know that would cause a problem. So she uploaded the file to her logos folder in her images and files area of her website, and when she went to link the file, she just could NOT get it to work no matter what she tried! So then, even though she was REALLY trying hard to add the logo without the [most awesome] help of the Support Team at Passport Online, Inc., she ended up having to call them anyway. She talked to someone named Tracy (wow same name… what a coincidence!), and Tracy told Tracy that there were several things causing the problem.

File Problem #1: Spaces within the filename

I know sometimes files with spaces work in the website system, but usually, when most browsers read a file, they stop at the end of the spaces. Best bet here is to replace the spaces with underscores or dashes, which makes the file look like this:

“Tracy’s-Travel-(2).jpg” OR “Tracy’s_Travel_(2).jpg”

So that’s great, but it still doesn’t fix all the problems…

File Problem #2: Apostrophes, Quotes, Parenthesis and Brackets in the filename

There are certain parts of punctuation that are used in coding and programming. The browsers read the following items as coding rather than filename items: Apostrophes ‘ , Parenthesis (), Brackets [], Curly Braces {}, Single ‘ ‘ and/or Double Quotes ” “. Our system will read any of those as a piece of code rather than as a part of the filename, thereby not reading the rest of the file, and causing a “red x” (aka file missing) problem or, as in most cases like this, it won’t let you even link to the file because it won’t recognize it as an appropriate file type due to not being able to read the entire filename. So to fix this problem, we remove the apostrophe and the parenthesis altogether:

“Tracys-Travel-2.jpg” or “Tracys_Travel_2.jpg”

Personally, if I were to name a logo file for uploading, I would go one step further, and probably name it like this:

“Tracys_Travel_logo.jpg” and forget the number altogether. My personal preference for spacing is underscores.

Thanks for reading!

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