9 Tips To Improve Your Website

  1. Make it yours. Your customers shouldn’t have to think about which site they are looking at, they should KNOW they are on your site, no matter which page they are on at the moment. Need some ideas on how to do this? Make sure your logo is on the top of every single page. Personalize your site with information written by YOU for your clients. Let them know what you can offer and what makes your agency unique.  Tell your customers why they want to book with YOU.
  2. Use your own vacation photos, not stock photos.  Your clients will be impressed at all the places you have personally been and will feel much more comfortable booking with you.  Provide captions with the photos, or use them in a review.
  3. Provide your clients with information that no one else provides.  Are you a specialist in safaris? Make sure that your Packing Tips area is related to safaris – tell your customers the things to make sure to bring with them for a afari trip that they wouldn’t normally think of.
  4. Ensure that your images are sized properly for their usage.
  5. Spend some time finding great deals that are of interest to your clients, and get them featured prominently on your site. An offer group placed on your home page, or deals page, called [Your Agency Name]’s Top Picks, that you change every week works great for this.
  6. Make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for.  Start with one page and look at every item on that page, examine these items like a customer would. Ask yourself, “Is this something that my customer would be looking for on this page?”  If you aren’t 100% sure, move it to another page where it makes more sense.
  7. Update your “About Us” page.  Include information about how your agency was started, any awards you have won or certifications that you have. If you have a store front include at least one photo of your building or the inside of your office as well as directions to your office, in your own words (this is a great time to mention any interesting landmarks nearby – for example “turn left onto Main Street, then just past the statue of John Smith make a right onto 2nd Avenue.”)
  8. Create a “Meet our Agents” page.  At a minimum, include a paragraph about each agent, along with their phone number and email address. If you have the time, make a page for each agent. On each agent page, include their phone number and email address, photos of them on vacation, a more in-depth profile about them, any specialties they have, certifications they have earned, groups they are leading, and anything else interesting or unique.
  9. Make sure your agency name, physical address, phone number and email address are in the footer area of every page.  You want to make sure that clients can ALWAYS find a way to contact you – don’t make them work hard to find your contact information.
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