5 thoughts for increasing engagement and fans: Social media roundup

There have been a lot of great articles about social media lately, so I thought I would share my thoughts on them, as well as some ideas on how you can increase engagement and your fans.

Before you get started, its important to ask yourself  “What are YOU considering a success with social media?” The measure of success will be different for everyone! Once you know your goals, it will be easier to achieve them.

  1. Are you focusing on local customersWhy not run a contest where you will choose a winner from all of your customers who check-in at your business? The prize doesn’t have to be expensive, everyone loves to win something, and its a great way to increase interaction and potentially attract new customers who are friends of your existing customers.
  2. Are you encouraging your customers to write reviews? Reviews are a great way to allow potential customers to see how great your agency is!
  3. Are you asking your customers to engage with you on your social media channels? You’ve written a great article, and posted a link to it on Facebook. If you aren’t seeing the likes and comments you expected, trying asking for the action you want in your post.  “Like if you want visit one of our bucket list destinations!”
  4. Are you using Instagram to interact with your customers? Why not have a picture contest? I’d love to see an agency run a picture contest along the lines of  “Post a picture of your favorite trip that we’ve helped you plan”.
  5. Are you listening AND responding to your customers? If your customer has taken to the time to respond to your post, are you commenting back in response? Everyone loves to know that they’re being heard, and even a quick “That’s for sharing your vacation details with us!” lets them know that they’ve been heard by you.

Are you using any of these tactics? Have you found them helpful?

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