30 Seconds or Less: Writing Your Personal Brand Statement

Let’s start with a definition. What IS a personal brand statement? A personal brand statement is a concise way of letting other people know what you do and why you’re different. A personal brand statement is one of the keys to providing a quick, top-level understanding of what your business is all about, without making others read a whole biography or business history.

Personal brand statements need to be crafted in such a way that what you do – your very actions – align with the statement… otherwise it’s just a bunch of hot air.  When others are asked about your business, you want their answer to be that you are “the best…” in your field, and your personal brand statement needs to match and promote this consistently strong overview of who you are.

Now let’s match this to websites:  Everyone says that you have to have an effective 30-second “elevator pitch.” But where websites are concerned, that’s not true. You have an even smaller window to make your first impression on a website. Yes I know I said 30 seconds, but truly, when it comes to websites, you have about six seconds to keep someone’s interest. Keeping this in mind, we’ve got to hone down your personal brand statement. It should be the essence of your business, distilled to a few words. Here at Passport Online, our main brand statement is:

“E-marketing Solutions for the Leisure Travel Industry”

There’s no guessing what we do in that statement – it’s quite obvious. Your statement needs to intrigue and invite further inquiry yet not be so vague that people have no idea what you do or what you specialize in. Decide how you want your business to be perceived and go from there.

Once you’ve crafted your statement, you need to add it to your website in TWO places:

  1. On your home page – as an introductory paragraph. Write your statement – try to keep it to 200 characters or less – approximately one or two sentences – something that truly captures the essence of your business in a precise and succinct fashion and then add it to your home page introductory paragraph.
  2. Add the same 200 character paragraph to your “Meta Description” tag. Uh oh… is that some sort of code I need to know? If you are using the NexCite website tools, no. To add this to your NexCite website, in the editing screen of your home page, on the left side, there are a few menus – one is “Search Engine Tools.” Click on that link, and you’ll see a “description” field. Type your statement in here, click save.
  3. Make sure you publish both changes by going to the publishing tab and choosing “home” and clicking the publish button.

So give some real thought to what you want people to know about you and your agency and use your site to tell them why you are their best option.

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