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Some questions with Denise Vogel

I got a chance to ask Denise VogelΒ owner ofΒ Click of the Mouse a few questions. Denise writes a great blog,Β Β is very active on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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NexCite Users: How are you handling your email over the upcoming holidays?

Are you setting up an auto responder to let your clients know you’ll be out of the office? If you can’t remember how to setup your auto responder for your NexCite email account, we’ve put together instructions on NexCiteHelp.comΒ for this and a number of other email related topics.

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Great content for SEO

One thing everyone is talking about lately is the importance of content with respect to SEO. Why you ask? Because search engines try to provide the best, most relevant search results to their users.

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6 great Facebook posts from the travel industry

I just wanted to share a few examples of good Facebook posts within the Travel Industry. Looking at examples of what other people are posting can give you inspiration for your own posts. Do you have an example of a great post you made on Facebook?

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Creative social media thought for next year

I read an interesting article from Social Media Examiner, called “9 fun Facebook Page examples to Spark your Creativity“. I really liked the “Mini Indulgence” quiz by Seasons 52.

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Tip of the Week – Sell Yourself with Testimonials

Are you posting testimonials on your web site? Testimonials are the best way to sell yourself by showing that you are good at what you do. And let’s face it, YOU can tell customers how good you are at what you do, but it means so much more to have another customer tell them!

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Missed our “Supplier Content, Move beyond a simple search box” webinar?

You can still view a recording of our recent webinar.

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Good News! Passport Online now has an Instagram account. Instagram is a free photo-sharing program will allow you to take pictures and share with your Instagram users as well as post to Facebook and twitter. There is also a Costco app that works with Instagram, you can send any of your Instagram pictures to Costco […]

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Tip of the Week – Business Pinterest

Good news about Pinterest! You can now set up or convert your Pinterest account to a business account. You all know how much I love Pinterest, which is why I’m so excited finding out that Pinterest will now allow you to set up a business about.Β 

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