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Breaking The Fear Of Writing

People might not think of themselves as writers. In fact, we hear agents tell us that they are “not good writers.” Some even go as far as to say that they are afraid of writing. The discipline of writing can be daunting — unless it is broken in to manageable pieces and thought of differently. […]

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Trafalgar Supplier Highlight Page

Take a look at the updated Trafalgar Supplier Highlight page!  With Spring in mind, Trafalgar has selected a list of 10 Top Tours for Spring Scenery, highlighting Rome and many other European destinations.     If you already subscribe to our Supplier Highlight Pages, this content has been updated for you automatically.  If not…

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Sneak Away To Write Your Blog

We’ve shared some ideas on how to attack blog writing. We’ve talked about topics. We’ve talked about setting aside time. But, there is another effective way to get your blog writing on track and it’s simple: get out of the office.

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Honolulu Keeps Getting Better

Web Content Specialist, Alex, just got back from Honolulu.  Here’s what she had to say about the Waikiki scene: The thing about Honolulu is, it just keeps getting better!

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5 Things Travel Agents Can Put On A Facebook Fan Page Right Now

We hear this question quite a bit: what should I put on Facebook? The beauty of your Facebook Fan Page is that it can literally be a playground of sorts. You can add all kinds of things to make it a destination that people go to constantly. But, if you’re feeling a little stuck or […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! – March’s Featured Destination Email

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Our March destination email is featuring Ireland. If you subscribe to email services through ClientBase, Client Ease/Market Ease or TRO your customers will be celebrating St. Paddy’s Day with this email highlighting CIE International’s most popular Irish Tours. Give us a call if you have any questions regarding our email marketing […]

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Facebook Is Social Media (and Marketing) Power For Travel Agent

We just came across an article that highlighted 5 studies that show Facebook to be a powerful part of marketing. Three parts of this article that stood out to us immediately (though all were good to know) were: the amount of time that Americans spend on Facebook, Facebook’s popularity, and how Facebook boosts sales and […]

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Making Time To Blog

That headline is one that we hear about constantly. It’s true, doing any kind of social media takes time and effort. In the course of a day, it may very well fall down the list of “things to do.” Facebook and Twitter can be a bit more manageable, but writing a blog takes quite a […]

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Add Cruise Supplier to Your Nexcite Quick Search

Tony, one of our newest employees, has been trying real hard to impress us lately.  He just finished a new upgrade to the Nexcite Quick Search module.  Users now have the ability to add a cruise supplier to the Quick Search box on NexCite.

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