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It’s Snowing In Utah! (Finally)

Utah is known as having the β€œgreatest snow on earth”. For skiers and boarders this means light, fluffy powder and LOTS OF IT. This winter we are feeling the effects of some kind of weather pattern and have not received the inches upon inches of the fresh stuff that we are used too.

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The New Word Of Mouth

You’ve worked very hard to create a unique experience for your customers both in person, on the phone and online. It’s taken time for you to get to the point where you are today. It’s also taken a commitment to continually share your expertise and experiences with your customers β€” some of whom, in turn, […]

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Some Comments On Travel Professionals

We’re always curious to see what people (mainly consumers) were saying about travel professionals in the social and media world.

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Romancing The Deal Starts With A Story

One of the (many) great things about being a travel professional is that you are privy to all kinds of deals. Some may be hot, some may be exclusive β€” all of them certainly are worth screaming to the masses. I mean, who wouldn’t want to take some of the these trips? Who wouldn’t want […]

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Helping Our Clients With Social Media

We were very pleased to have helped our first client with our new Social Media program. Shama Travel was looking to improve their presence in the social media world and Passport Online was there to help. For a nominal fee, Passport Online helped this agent set up the core of their social media program. We […]

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The Luxury Travel Expo: Redux

One of the things that crossed my desk (OK, my computer) as I got settled back in from the holiday was a bit of a recent flashback: The Luxury Travel Expo in Las Vegas.

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2010: The Year Of The Travel Professional

We are all very excited about 2010. Yes, there have been myriad challenges in the industry. There have also been more changes than most of us can remember. Consumers are more confused than ever, and it appears that for more complex travel, the bloom is off the OTA rose. But as the professionals in this […]

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