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9 Tips To Improve Your Website

Make it yours. Your customers shouldn’t have to think about which site they are looking at, they should KNOW they are on your site, no matter which page they are on at the moment. Need some ideas on how to do this? Make sure your logo is on the top of every single page. Personalize […]

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Scanning The Pages

There is one book I recommend to anyone involved in building, updating, maintaining or even using, a web site in the travel industry; It’s called β€œDon’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug. Why do I recommend this book? Because it’s a short read (less than 200 pages) packed full of information on how to make […]

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Social Networking: Finally a Reason for Agency Websites to Become Mission-Critical?

Travel agents have been incorporating websites into their business for well over ten years now. However, too few agencies and independent agents leverage their website as a key driver of their business. We’ve seen a few phases of website marketing over the years – some successful, and some not so successful.Β  The β€˜if you build […]

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