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Making Tough Business Decisions: Indispensable Research for Measuring Travel Agency Success

Be sure to read this recent comprehensive report from ASTA and Travel Market Report about the strong financial success story happening in the travel agency community. As the leader in travel agency website, email and social media marketing, Passport is seeing these successes first hand for our customers. Our own Marilyn Macallair is quoted on page 8, discussing the importance of a content-rich website and shopping experience for your customers. Continue reading »

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Some successful Social Media posts

We wanted to show everyone some examples of posts that we’ve created that agents have found successful and shared with their clients. Feel free to share these, or any other, posts of ours on your own Facebook page. Continue reading »

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The best way to get people to look at your site? Tell your customers to go to it!

You need to sell your site!Β 

Do you ever watch the news at night? Do you hear them talk about a local event? They don’t tell you everything, but they DO sayΒ ’go to our website,, for full details’. Β This is because every time one of their viewers (customers) goes to their website it counts as a β€œhit” on their site, which can be a factor that search engines use in determining the placement of Β search Β results.Β  Continue reading »

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8 Tourism boards with a great Facebook presence

Throughout the day, I see a number of posts on Facebook from travel agents, suppliers and tourism boards. I want to focus on 8 tourism boards who I think do a great job of getting their fans excited about their destinations, and what I like about the Facebook posts.

Continue reading »

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Creating several great blog posts, from one idea

I hear from agents time and again that they aren’t sure what to write in their blog posts.Β  I recently recommended an article from HubSpot on how to turn one idea into multiple blog posts, but I thought we should look at an example from the travel industry perspective. Continue reading »

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Newsletter registration or guest registry?

Every NexCite has the capability of adding a β€œregistration box” as a module. This collects information from your customer and adds that information into your customer data base. You can collect just an email address; an email address including first and last names; or email address first and last names as well as a physical address. Continue reading »

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The power of supplier content

Why do you need supplier content? Because your customers want to “shop” and see what options are available to them for their next vacation. If you don’t have supplier content available for them to shop, you’re not giving them the opportunity to see all the vacation options that are out there from your preferred suppliers. Continue reading »

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Tip of the week – Online Photo Editor

I wanted to share with you a cool FREEΒ online photo editor called Pic Monkey It will allow you to create a collage, touch up your pictures, add text onto your pictures, and then add effects, filters, frames, stickers & more. Continue reading »

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How to Add the All-Important Title Tag to each page of your website

Do you know the phrase, β€œbuild it and they will come” ? Well, with websites that doesn’t work very well. You can build it, but if nobody knows it’s there, they won’t know to come. So your question is, β€œhow do I get people to come to my website?” One of the answers is by getting ranked higher in the search engines. Continue reading »

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Tip of the week – Have you thought about using your Auto-responder to sell travel?

This great tip isΒ courtesyΒ of one of my agents. She was out of the office on a trip to Israel and set up her auto-responder to mention where she was, what she was seeing and even added a link to her website. Continue reading »

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